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Ö-kon 1: Fantasy and Science Fiction at Östberga Culture House

Guests of Honour: Frances Hardinge & Anna Jakobsson Lund


Welcome to a few days about fantasy ands science fiction at the newly opened Culture House in Östberga!

We have just started planning och have not so much information yet. But we know this:
On Friday March 8 we will meet at the pub Whippet Lab close to Skanstull.
There will be programme on Saturday 10.00 – 18.00 and on Sunday 10.00 – 16.00. At the end of each day we meet up at Whippet Lab.
We plan to have a major programme and a side programme.
There is no entry charge, but since the venue can only take about 100 persons you have to register in advance. Either via the sign above or here.
There will be a small café in the venue and there is a pizzeria close by.

The programming group consists of Carolina Goméz Lagerlöf, Marika Lövström, Tomas Cronholm, Nina Grensjö, Ann Olsson Rousset and Agnes Ambrosiani.

The convention is a collaboration with Elin Wiktorsson at Östberga Culture House and  Frida Ulvegren at Östberga Library.

There is a list of registered members here.

Guests of Honour

Foto Petra Berggren

We proudly present our first Guest of Honour: Anna Jakobsson Lund! She has published several books and short stories in the sf/f field, and some have been translated. The first part of the trilogy The System, Article Three was published in 2016, and the short story ”Messiah” can be found in the anthology Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep.





Our second Guest of Honour is Frances Hardinge, who has been widely praised and received several awards. According to Wikipedia she writes fantasy for children, but those who have read The Lie Tree know that this is completely wrong. This is a detective story but at the same time it deals with conflicts between religion and the theory of evolution and is set in a Victorian England. Her latest, A Skinful of Shadows, is set in England of the 17th century, where ghosts enter minds of people and change the course of events. Her earlier books, as her first, Fly By Night, are full of fantasy and can definitely be suitable also for young readers. We are extremely happy that Frances Hardinge will come to Ö-kon!